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imsorryimetyou: i think I'm in love with your tumblr

This is lovely thank you!!! sorry I’m not on here anymore, I’ll try and update soon

thanks for the love though, really appreciate asks like this! x.

ennieh: Awesome work, I've fallen in love

Thank you lovely. This is very nice to read! xxxxx.

sheslostcontrol: come back!

aw this is so lovely!! thank you!!! sorry I haven’t been around in ages.. I graduated from University (I got a first woooo) and am now in a full time job!!!!! so it’s been a bit crazy but no excuses I’ll be back v soon I promise¬†

fatewm: I love the idea of posting photos on pages from a journal/daily calendar! Finally can put the excess ones I get as giveaways to good use thanks for the inspiration! ps love your blog xx

Aw thank you! it’s no problem whatsoever: it’s nice to know I could be some inspiration ! xx.

blogsnotringtones: Your work is very nice and I wish you all the best. :)

Thank you! :-) this has put a smile on my face on what would have been a glum day of doing dissertation so thanks for that too aha! Really appreciate asks like this ee :-) big big love x.

clareer: I found Marina and the Diamonds ("Starring Role" specially) to be really great for post break up, along with the songs "Heartbreaker" and "Everybody Knows" by John Legend.

Thank you! Starring Role is really good I agree, haven’t actually listened to the other two. I hope you don’t mind me publishing this for other people if they’re going through, or have been through this.
It sucks. x.

I’ve just gone through a break up and if anyone else is I recommend buying Daughter's album; firstly it's sublime, and secondly it is basically an album about breaking up with someone you loved very much and the process after that so yeah

I can relate to every song tbh

also if anyone has any recommendations of good post break up songs then hit me up because I’m all up for that. all I can think of is Natasha Bedingfield - Single(!!)

I can’t believe I started this blog in April ((time freakin’ flies)). Wanna climb a tall mountain and scream thank you for all the support/lovely asks/reblogs and followers. I do love you all and I’m sorry I can’t update this every week! But thanks for staying with me, some of you I know have been with me since this one and I really really really appreciate it
Hope you all have a brilliant 2013.- idrawandwriteandstuffXXXXXXXXxx.