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requested by crackedmug
sassybitterness: Waste of paint by Bright Eyes, it's full of good quotes! And also pretty much any other song by Bright eyes :)

Yes I love Bright Eyes! And for the guy who requested Bright Eyes in a fanmail (I’m doing yours currently) I do know Conor Oberst and Bright Eyes very well!!
In fact the first drawings I put on here were Bright Eyes lyrics
Will always draw them! This song, however, I haven’t done yet so thanks! Will probably do more in the future too as it is stuffed full with good quotes :-)
Thanks for your request! x. 

requested by crackedmug
mariatalkstoomuch: Any lyrics that appeal to you from What Ever Happened? - The Strokes.

Yeah I love this song! I need to do more of the strokes! Thanks for your request :-) x.

requested by mariatalkstoomuch
undercoverkiera-deactivated2012: if you're still up for requests... ' It starts in the theatre / A night of encounters / If I hadn't been there / If not for a cigarette' those lyrics would be lovely. o: <3 thanks in advance if you do end up drawing it!

Ah I love this song! TDCC are awesome, v much looking forward to Beacon coming out this year! Thanks for your request, I need to do more of these guys!! Hope you liked it :-) x.

arollercoasterthatonlygoesup: Can you do one from "Cactus In The Valley" by LIGHTS? Any of the lyrics would be great, but particularly "If this whole world goes up in arms All I can do is stand And I won't fight for anyone Until you move my hand" or "wipe the mark of madness from my face Show me that your love will never change If my yesterday is a disgrace Tell me that you still recall my name" I love your work! :)

Done, hope you like! Thank youuuu :-) x.

requested by arollercoasterthatonlygoesup
went to an art exhibition yesterday and this girl who is a year younger than me and 10 billion times more talented than me (so not fair) is my inspiration for the face of this!