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going to bed now, keep sending me requests if you want and for those who have sent me requests I will do them tomorrow I promise. Thanks for all the love and sending in lyrics, big big love to you all. XXXX.

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debilitating-deactivated2012090: fun. lyrics

For a stupid amount of time I was trying to ascertain whether you were saying ‘fun lyrics!!’ on my blog or asking me to draw fun. the band lyrics…
I assume the latter, at least I hope so because that’s what I’ve done. Thanks for your request! x.

oh also ‘we are young’ is the only song I know by them but if I get to know any others I’ll draw different ones tooo!

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jacobclaycompton-deactivated201: Florence And The Machine :) Never Let Me Go... It's full of good lyrics :)

I love this song, there are too many! I’ve done two for now, but I’ll probably come back to it when I get the watercolours out soon. Thanks for your request! x.

requested by jacobclaycompton

requested by jacobclaycompton

send me more requests, i'm feeling creative and got my scanner on and pen and moleskine by my side!