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Kodaline - All I Want
stahmatarr: "I've been watching your world from afar, I've been trying to be where you are, and I've been secretly falling apart."

YES. beautiful song. reminds me of the OC.


((p.s. sorry for the delay of doing this I realise I’m pretty useless, but I hope you like)) 

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If the 50k people who reblogged this are not aware that these are Lewis Watson lyrics, they need to get out

HELLO HI I cannot believe this has 50k notes what the hell!! Also yes lewis watson is a god check him out if you haven’t already
Anonymous: do you have something wrote about ''there is a light that never goes out''?

No I don’t think I do, haven’t done any Smiths quotes yet which is AN OUTRAGE and will be fixed over Christmas time

thank you for the idea and watch this space I guess


takeoffyourcoloursatthedoor: So glad I discovered your tumblr. :) x

this is cute thank you!!!! :-)
I will be back December time with more! I miss my moleskine!!
Big love x. 

I’m in the library doing work on essays and dissertation and the endless work that never stops piling up so I’m sorry for neglecting you, I still have requests I have yet to do!!

anyway just want to thank you all if you’ve changed back the source to me as I’ve found out a lot of my work the source is going to different blogs etc etc usual Tumblr problems. Slightly annoying but do appreciate the lurv.

Big love to you guys, I will be back soon…

theofficialmrsclaus: we intertwined by the hush sound? (like vines we intertwined / carelessly growing up and growing old) thank you!! xx

sorry this has taken 5EVA to do! I love this song! Hope you like x.

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