i draw and write and stuff
MY MUM GOT ME A NEW MOLESKINE. let us rejoice. also i am not ignoring your requests i just haven’t had time to do them, I will try and do them before I head back up to University on Friday. love to you all x.
This is for the night owls with heartache.
stlush: your posts are beautiful.

thank you so much :-)))) big big love X.

vii-xci: i would DEFINITELY buy your work off etsy :)

Aw thank you :-))) I’ve been thinking about it, hence why haven’t set one up ASAP, I don’t know how it would work… especially if it is lyrics not my own words. Not sure if it’s legal???? BUT, will find that out and if not do some with my own words on which would be pretty cool to be selling that (and when I say pretty cool I mean wow amazing)
Thanks for this message. Big love x.

I’ve started working 9-5 monday til friday so i’m sorry for neglecting this blog I really am!! doing some works now though so should be up tonight or tomorrow.