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hope-less-wander-lust: Heyy, i love your blog :) can you draw the lyrics for the song come home by one republic? preferable this part "There’s someone I’ve been missing, I think that they could be the better half of me" or "Come home, Come home cause I’ve been waiting for you, for so long, for so long" i would really appreciate it if you can do both :) thanks :)

Hey, thank you :-) 
Done and done, hope you like! x. 

requested by hbk-al-naemi
requested by hbk-al-naemi
totally-radass-deactivated20140: Could you do one of, "Oh Holy Ghost, how did I wander so far from my home?" Please? :3

YES! About time I did Right Away, Great Captain!
Thanks for the request :-)
And sorry this one took an amazing amount of time to do, only just got back to picking up the mokeskine back from the shelf! x.

requested by right-ahead-young-sailor
thecostofsurvival: Would you mind doing "Ultraviolet" by the Stiff Dylans, when you get the chance? "The fire you ignited, good, bad and undecided, burns when I stand beside it, your light is ultraviolet"

AAaah! This just reminds me of the awfully brilliant film:

anyway, hope you like and sorry for the lateness :-) x.

requested by thecostofsurvival
Anonymous: Do you have a spotify? :)

Idk if any of these links will work but roll with me:
If you click on THIS it will direct you to a playlist titled ‘good’ (v original I know) on my personal blog (which you should definitely go follow…. ;);)). Can you go to my spotify from that idk?!
I also just linked it on my TWITTER which you should also all follow because I’m rad and stuff.
Or go via THIS link. If none of those work then please let me know and I’ll try and find a way to link you up! x.

Anonymous: How many requests do you have? Just wondering (:

around 12 right now i think! x.

Anonymous: when are your next requests being drawn?

right now! tonight i’ve done two, tomorrow i’ll do another two: just making the backgrounds/ prepping for them tonight. i’ll scan them in when i can i promise!! x.