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Anonymous: It's okay... I've followed your blog for a while and thought I'd request something. Maybe I'll request a song or something later on. But yeah, Warehouse 13 is good.. I just finished the season three finale and my fav character died.

AH! still feel bad!!
Definitely request a song, and there’s no need to be anon (that’s what made me think it was a troll in the first place!!)
Sorry again, maybe I’ll watch Warehouse 13..I’m really into Suits at the minute. x. 

Anonymous: i'm sorry. the i smell apples thing was from a favorite tv show of mine and the thing the character said before she died was I smell apples. i apologize for taking your time.

I’m sorry!! I legit thought it was a troll!!
I think personally I’m just going for the song lyrics quotes and famous authors or musicians quotes. I had to look it up to see if it was legit, never heard of Warehouse 13 before?! any good? making convo cuz I feel bad!! I’m a bad person.
ofddjobjsobjsdfobjb don’t hate me!! x.

metaphoricallyawesome: "If I could talk to myself, like I was someone else... Well than maybe I could take your advice, and I wouldn't act like such an asshole all the time."

Hello again,
Guess you’re a keen Bright Eyes fan! Which I 100% approve of! x. 

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steppedonsomemothwings: LUCY ROSE - she takes the night bus home, she's not phased by the darkness in her soul, and you barely catch a glimpse of her, because she's wrapped tightly, hiding in her clothes. PLZ xxxxx

Lovelove! x. 

totally-radass-deactivated20140: Idk if you got my message, but could you do one that says "Oh Holy Ghost, how have I wandered so far from my home?"

I did I did! I’ve just got so many (well 17 or so) that I’m trying to get through in order. But I will do. I PROMISE! x.

ps. there’s two people infront of you at the minute so I’ll be doing it this week sometime :-)

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whoopwhoopwhoopwhooop: Can you do something from Separator by Radiohead?

Mmmmhm good song. Love Radiohead too much. Saw them at Reading 2010 but would love to see them again, my boyfriend’s going to see them in London soon I think (!! livid!)
Thanks for your request :-)
and sorry it’s late! x. 

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lebennichtdenken: i love your blog so much!