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you-vegotsomethingspecial: you are so nice with your followers, always making the stuff they ask. You're so good at it :) Amazing job :D

Thank you so much for this message. I’ve been feeling really down recently because I was worried about my exam results but I got them back and I did really well and then I got this lovely message!
So thank YOU! Glad you like, hope you’re having a good day. x.

Anonymous: Hi :3 I love your blog! Could you do Manchester Orchestra lyrics from Shake It Out? "And I felt the weight within reveal the bigger mess that you can't fix" I don't know if there should be commas or not since he pauses haha but yeah. I love those lines. Any colors are fine with me if you do it, go with your artistic judgment. Thanks :D

Hello Anon, there is no need to be Anon!
I have this in my head now, such a tune. I’m so jealous of anyone who has seen this perfect band live I really am!!
Thanks for your request, you have very good taste in music :-) x. 

soft-targets: Hi! I would like to request something from "Jack and Coke" by Alex Day "I try to act like a grownup I find it doesn't sit right even though I'm past my prime tinkled on the piano not as good as I would like to be" thanks so much, I love your blog :D

Hello again!
I did my own thing on this meaning I missed out a bit of the quote HOWEVER, the quote I was left with is very accurate of my life right now and I couldn’t fit it on the fridge (check work to see what I mean) and I wanted to write cock poo and bums on it so y’know!
Hopefully you get that they are fridge magnets and I thought of doing it like that because for my second year of University we had fridge magnets and it formed hours of entertainment, our favourite one was “lick me up and down” and other naughty things, even though we’re attempting to grow up as adults…. yah righttt.
ANYWAY life story over thanks for your request hope you like and sorry it’s late! x. 

requested by cameracrevice
nokia-3310-deactivated20120815: buy the stars by the marina and the diamonds? (in your manmade dark/the light inside you died)

YES! I’ve been meaning to do this one, although not these lyrics so you may see more of this song later when I have time to get back to it.
Thanks for your request and sorry it’s SO late out to you, been so busy and uninspired but today I picked up the pen and all was good again
Hope you like x. 

requested by nokia-3310

For all those requests in my askbox right now I’ve been super busy so haven’t had time to do them I’m afraid. I have loads! So yeah I will be doing them after Monday as I’m off to Hop Farm Music Festival today :D

If you’re going to Hop Farm then see you there, if not have a larvely weekend!