i draw and write and stuff
totally-radass-deactivated20140: Could you write "Take me to the river and make me clean again" in like a dark blue? It's a song from Manchester Orchestra. :3

YES good song! I love Manchester Orchestra sooo much!!
Also really sorry but to your ask after I TRIED drawing a tree and took up two pages in my moleskine but in conclusion I just can’t draw trees: whether that’s just today or FOREVER you know it is a learning curve. 
Thank you for your request hope you like :-) x. 

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requested by wastedrelief
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proteinsynthesis: please do something really cool and nice with any lyrics from 'ur so gay' by katy perry, preferably with glitter, and post me it as payment for a shirt. How does that sound? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I’LL DO IT TOMORROW how exciting!! yes that sounds fab!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

dragon-f-ly: please would you do landfill by daughter? the lyrics are so haunting, it would be great :)

ahhh that drawing is one of my faves on my blog thank you for requesting. I love Daughter and will be doing loads of her this week when I can! Fantastic song everyone listen to Daughter now!! x.

To people who have requested tonight - I will be doing them this week I’m off to bed now so sleeeepy

Also i’m nearly at 1000 followers which is crazy but I LOVE YOU ALL thank you thank you thank you!!

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proteinsynthesis: I request 'and he whispered fear is logical' from Jimmy He Whispers xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx