i draw and write and stuff
Anonymous: do you have something wrote about ''there is a light that never goes out''?

No I don’t think I do, haven’t done any Smiths quotes yet which is AN OUTRAGE and will be fixed over Christmas time

thank you for the idea and watch this space I guess


Anonymous: Do you have a spotify? :)

Idk if any of these links will work but roll with me:
If you click on THIS it will direct you to a playlist titled ‘good’ (v original I know) on my personal blog (which you should definitely go follow…. ;);)). Can you go to my spotify from that idk?!
I also just linked it on my TWITTER which you should also all follow because I’m rad and stuff.
Or go via THIS link. If none of those work then please let me know and I’ll try and find a way to link you up! x.

Anonymous: How many requests do you have? Just wondering (:

around 12 right now i think! x.

Anonymous: when are your next requests being drawn?

right now! tonight i’ve done two, tomorrow i’ll do another two: just making the backgrounds/ prepping for them tonight. i’ll scan them in when i can i promise!! x. 

Anonymous: It's okay... I've followed your blog for a while and thought I'd request something. Maybe I'll request a song or something later on. But yeah, Warehouse 13 is good.. I just finished the season three finale and my fav character died.

AH! still feel bad!!
Definitely request a song, and there’s no need to be anon (that’s what made me think it was a troll in the first place!!)
Sorry again, maybe I’ll watch Warehouse 13..I’m really into Suits at the minute. x. 

Anonymous: i'm sorry. the i smell apples thing was from a favorite tv show of mine and the thing the character said before she died was I smell apples. i apologize for taking your time.

I’m sorry!! I legit thought it was a troll!!
I think personally I’m just going for the song lyrics quotes and famous authors or musicians quotes. I had to look it up to see if it was legit, never heard of Warehouse 13 before?! any good? making convo cuz I feel bad!! I’m a bad person.
ofddjobjsobjsdfobjb don’t hate me!! x.

Anonymous: Hi :3 I love your blog! Could you do Manchester Orchestra lyrics from Shake It Out? "And I felt the weight within reveal the bigger mess that you can't fix" I don't know if there should be commas or not since he pauses haha but yeah. I love those lines. Any colors are fine with me if you do it, go with your artistic judgment. Thanks :D

Hello Anon, there is no need to be Anon!
I have this in my head now, such a tune. I’m so jealous of anyone who has seen this perfect band live I really am!!
Thanks for your request, you have very good taste in music :-) x. 

Anonymous: Do you only post things you've drawn and wrote?

Yes, although some are song lyrics (which you’ll see in the tag area; so far I’ve used lyrics from Bright Eyes, Lewis Watson, Lucy Rose, Manchester Orchestra…and others maybe?) but I always tag it.

The three I’ve just posted were inspired by a series called ‘Free Encouragement’ which you can read more on the Booooooom.com Facebook page, I’ve linked you to their photographs. Some of them are really beautiful, but I picked out a few that related to me at this very moment.

I’ll tag that in (I hate the idea of stolen work/words…) so, yeah.
But all the things tagged ‘writing’ (there’s a link on my blog) are my words. I haven’t put much on (yet!) but yeah.

Long answer (sorry!) x.

Anonymous: wooow, amazing blog.. your posts are very creativeeee...

Thank you anon :-)! x.

Anonymous: is it alright if i use "longing" for a video i am going to make? i will give you full credit... it's just so beautiful :)

yes, can you please link me this video? i would be honoured, thank you! x.